With a Home Battery, The Power is Yours

by Andrew Meyer
August 1, 2015
Home Battery

You can break free from the grid and stay in control of your home’s energy with a home battery.

Our everyday lives are packed with amazing technology. Our gadgets help us communicate efficiently, work creatively, and enjoy state-of-the-art entertainment. Our homes are outfitted with everything we need to live comfortably and responsibly. All of it needs power.

Utility companies can’t keep up with the increasing demand for electricity, and are looking for ways to manipulate consumers with additional costs to try to match supply with demand. More and more power companies worldwide are implementing time-of-use tariffs and peak demand charges, essentially imposing fines for consuming energy when you need it the most.

You can break free from the grid and stay in control of your home’s energy with a home battery.

Store Power When It’s Cheap

It’s 5:30 PM, and you’re ready to get things done at home. You need to charge your devices, take care of some household chores, and maybe catch up on podcasts. Your home needs power… and so does everyone else’s. The utility companies call this peak demand-- the times during the day, week, or even season when power is needed the most. Because high demand requires high (and hopefully consistent) power supply, your electric company may be charging you a higher price for the energy you are using.

So if prices are high when there’s high demand, does power cost less when people aren’t using it? Exactly. In the middle of the night when most televisions, dishwashers, and clothes dryers are shut down, the cost for electricity drops.

What if there was a way to use power during high-demand times, while getting charged low-demand prices?

That’s where a home battery comes in.

With a home battery, you can store energy when the cost is lowest, and use it whenever you need it. This is called time-of-use shifting, and it’s a great way to stick it to the power companies, and shave some money off of your bill.

Save Solar for a Rainy Day

Home batteries don’t need to be connected to the grid to store power--batteries can store energy from your solar panels as well. Even if you live in one of the sunniest areas of the United States (we’re looking at you, Yuma Arizona), you still won’t have straight sun every day. Home batteries can store the clean energy you produce from solar panels so you can use it when the sun isn’t cooperating.

Another one of the sun’s imperfections: it goes down. With a home battery, you can be solar-powered both day and night. Store energy while the sun is up, and have power to spare when it ducks out on you in the evening. Your morning and evening electricity demand rarely match up with your solar panel’s most energized hours. Don’t worry about re-arranging your routine. Take control of your solar energy with a home battery, and make it available when you need it.

The Power is Yours

At least, it should be. You depend on electricity for your home, so your power source should be dependable. With a home battery, you won’t have to deal with outrageous bills or worry about a few cloudy days. You’re the one who should be in control of your home’s energy. With a home battery, you are.