SPI Top 5: Solar Power International Moments Not to Miss

by Anna Gretz
September 11, 2016

With over 15,000 attendees from more than 75 different countries, the Solar Power International event is a huge deal for anyone in the solar industry. The event runs from September 12 - 15, and this year, it’s in Las Vegas.

The SPI event is packed with speakers, workshops, and exhibits. Since you won’t be able to see everything (no matter how hard you might try), here’s a list of five SPI moments you won’t want to miss:


Hailing from Williston, Vermont, AllEarth Renewables is the proud manufacturer of the AllEarth Solar Tracker, an amazing new development in the solar industry. AllEarth’s tracker is a dual-axis solar tracker that uses GPS and wireless technology to track the sun’s arc i the sky throughout the day. The result? Soaking up 45% more energy than traditional rooftop solar. Over 4k trackers have already been installed, and AllEarth is poised to take the rest of the country by storm. Solar Power World named the tracker “Top Product of the Year,” and BuildingGreen Magazine also included it in the year’s Top 10. The trackers are designed for both residential and commercial-scale installations. Check out their exhibit, and see what the hype is all about.


Pamela Cargill is a certified energy rockstar. Currently the Principal of Chaolysti, a strategic consulting firm for residential solar installers, Pamela is throwing all of her energy into helping the solar sector create a future of more a more distributed energy system. Even as an undergrad, Ms. Cargill developed her own program of study in solar energy system design, going on to build an impressive portfolio of engineered, procured, and constructed projects before she even graduated from college. Pamela’s latter experience spans the entire solar industry, from design engineering to project management to strategy to software to installation. She started her solar career in a basement office for a two-person company, and climbed her way to the top of the industry, given the Outstanding Service award in 2007, with additional awards from PV America and Solar Power International for lowering residential solar costs, and maintaining customer value,

Pamela Cargill will be presenting on the Future of Residential Solar Business Models from 2:30 - 3:30 PM on September 13th.

3. Workshop: THE SUNSHOT PRIZE: Community Solar Challenge Pitch Session

This is an even worth waking up for. On Monday from 8 AM - 12 PM, this workshop covers SunShot Initiative’s new community competition, awarding teams in dozens of communities up to $100,000 in prizes to develop innovative community solar programs and projects. The goal of the challenge is to expand the solar market to new corners of our communities, including low and moderate income customers and non-profit organizations. If you’re interested in hearing about some serious creativity and innovation in the solar sector, don’t miss this workshop. (Registration required.)

2. Exhibit: SONNEN INC.

Another must-see on the exhibition floor is sonnen Inc., a company that stands for clean, affordable, and reliable energy for all. Sonnen is the proud company behind the sonnenBatterie, a home energy storage system with over 12,000 installations worldwide. With its latest home battery, sonnen has proven itself to be a global leader in intelligent energy management solutions. The sonnenBatterie has introduced revolutionary advances in solar self-consumption and peak energy usage, ushering customers into a more clean and reliable energy future. Sonnen’s products have won awards from Greentech Media, and sonnen itself won Cleantech’s 2015 Company of the Year Award in both Israel and Europe. Visit sonnen’s exhibit and get ready for some drool-worthy tech.


At Swell, we’ve been pretty outspoken about why we believe that a distributed energy grid is a better energy grid, but you don’t have to take our word for it. This all-day workshop by SEPA is going to bring the message home, by bringing utility engineers and planners together with technology vendors and researchers to talk about effective integration of distributed energy resources into the grid. This workshop will cover increased “visibility” of distributed energy resources as a grid resource, how distributed resources are changing the way utilities plan and operate, and the role of storage as a resource in firming and supporting the grid. Basically, it’s everything we love, all in one conversation. Do. Not. Miss. This.

That’s our Solar Power International Top 5, but there’s definitely more amazing things going down at the event. For a full schedule, visit Solar Power International's Website.