Spotlight on Rooftop PV: SolarWorld, LG, and SunPower Black

by Anna Gretz
June 1, 2017

Rooftop solar technology has hit residential areas around California, and the wider US, in a huge way. Because of the high demand for residential solar, the variety and quality of solar panels are now better than they have ever been before. Here are three companies that are taking rooftop solar further than it’s ever gone before, in quality, efficiency, and visual appeal.


SolarWorld currently stands as the largest solar panel manufacturer in the United States, and is a veritable giant in the rooftop PV space. With 40 years of experience in both Germany and the US, SolarWorld has mastered the art of the hard-working, entry-level solar panel that starts paying your electric bill for you the minute it’s installed.

The SolarWorld headquarters operate out of Hillsboro, Oregon, where they came out with the first 25-year warranty on solar panels ever offered by any company (and that was back in 1997!) They can now point to hundreds of solar panel systems that are still impressively operational with 25-year-old technology, or older. The reliability, experience, and quality of SolarWorld’s solar panel technology has kept SolarWorld a frontrunner in the solar panel space for decades.

The SolarWorld Sunmodule 255 was chosen by Swell Energy as one of our EnergyShield solar panel offerings because of it’s impressive output paired with an affordable price point. It’s classic, sleek look not only generates some major power, but also adds to residential property value immediately.


LG has years of experience delivering quality, award-winning technology across the spectrum from household appliances to advanced energy technology, like solar. LG is a household name for a reason--they have long lead the industry in efficiency, as well as quality control, and their entrance into the world of solar panels proved to be no exception.

The LG NEON 2 Black has set an entirely new standard of innovation and energy generation with it’s new CELLO technology. Get this: the panel’s bi-facial cells actually absorb light from both the front and the back of the solar module. Sound groundbreaking? It is. This exact technology was recently awarded an innovation awared at the Intersolar Industry Event in Germany, and has earned LG some well-deserved press.

Along with its unprecedented production capacity, the LG NeON 2 Black panels have a gorgeous matte-black presentation that’s upping solar’s visual appeal to a new level. Swell is proud to offer the LG NeOn 2 Black panels as part of one of our EnergyShield packages.

SunPower Black

Ever since SunPower entered into the solar panel game, they’ve been putting out impressively competitive products. With a top rating in panel durability, along with a best-in-class product warranty, SunPower encourages homeowners to demand the best solar the industry can deliver… and they believe they’re the ones that can.

The SunPower Black has proven itself as an industry leader in efficiency, and boasts a 70% higher energy production rate compared to conventional solar panels over a 25-year span. The 25-year warranty speaks to the dependability of SunPower’s products, and gives homeowners the peace of mind that comes from knowing that top-rated service is available on the lifespan of their investment whenever they need it.

But the most unique component of the SunPower Black panel is its striking roof-appeal, speaking to not only the smart investment of the homeowner, but also their keen sense of taste. The sleek, black panels combine energy generation with impressive good looks; a win-win for any rooftop solar investor. This is why Swell chose SunPower Black as one of our EnergyShield solar panel offerings. Paired with energy storage in the form of a home battery, SunPower Black panels are an unstoppable energy force… and a great conversation piece.

EnergyShield - The World’s First Off-Grid Energy Plan

All three of these solar panel varieties pair perfectly with home battery energy storage. That’s why they’re part of EnergyShield, Introducing EnergyShield: the world’s first fully-contained energy security system for every home.

EnergyShield is a one-of-a-kind bundled product that includes top-tier solar panels and a lithium-ion home battery. On top of that, Swell provides a smart energy management system that helps homeowners manage the way they use electricity. EnergyShield is available in three different packages, depending on the needs of each home. Unlike a lot of the other clean home energy products that are on the market right now, EnergyShield puts solar+storage within reach for almost everyone — costing as little as just $1 a day. For a lot of people who have been excited about clean energy but unable to afford it, this $1 a day package is really awesome news. EnergyShield will also have a great, positive impact on the environment by helping to stabilize America’s over-worked electrical grid. Swell set out to create EnergyShield as a way that every day households could protect themselves against the growing number of blackouts that they experience as customers of electrical utilities. Swell wanted to make “off-grid” independence affordable to any homeowner in America, seeing access to power as an important right. To make this happen, Swell re-structured traditional solar plus storage, sizing it to fit on a majority of homes in America, while still taking advantage of the federal incentives available to energy storage customers. EnergyShield not only provides homes with security against blackouts, but also protects them from the rising costs of electricity. With EnergyShield, homeowners and utility companies can work together to ease the strain on the electrical grid

We believe in energy independence and security for all--that’s why we created EnergyShield, and that’s why we have chosen to partner with SunPower, LG, and SolarWorld to bring the best rooftop solar panels to homes around California, and the wider country. We can’t wait to see how EnergyShield revolutionizes residential energy, and where rooftop solar technology will take us next.