Southern California's Prp Program, Decoded

by Anna Gretz
September 15, 2019

If you live in Orange County, CA, there's something you should know about your power company.

A few things, actually. But we'll start with the big one. The Preferred Resource Pilot program, commonly known as PRP, is changing the source of your electricity. Here's how.

Southern California Edison is asking a revolutionary question: *Can distributed wind and solar actually replace the traditional power plant?* This is a question that a lot of utility companies are asking, but SCE needs answers fast because of Orange County's high demand for electricity. The need for reliable power is partially due to the closure of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. When the station closed, the area's grid reliability took a hit.

But SCE didn't immediately replace the plant with more nuclear generation. They wanted to explore other options first. That's why the OC's 250,000 residential and commercial customers are now part of a massive project to reach a conclusion that could change the way that power companies operate.

Here's what you need to know about the PRP program.

First of all, what are "preferred resources?" Basically, the power sources SCE (along with many consumers and environmental advocates) would rather use instead of gas-powered plants. There are four main categories:

  1. Energy Efficiency or, the reduction in electrical usage al together. We can make this happen through efficient building design and appliances.

  2. Demand Response or, reducing the use of energy at key times where demand is extra high.

  3. Distributed Generation or, renewable energy sources like solar in a decentralized system that doesn't depend on a massive, non-local power plant.

  4. Energy Storage or, using batteries to stores renewable energy when it's generated, so that you can use it when it's not available. (Renewable sources like solar are intermittent, but we can store them during the day for use when the sun goes down.)

So, does this affect consumers? It does... a lot, actually. There are a number of incentives built into the program that can benefit residential and business accounts in some pretty great ways. Current rebates and incentives include great home upgrades like smart thermostats, electric vehicles, and free energy efficient appliances to eligible customers.

These rebates are great, but reducing energy consumption with solar or energy storage saves you even more. Swell Energy . was chosen as one of SCE's Energy Solutions Providers, connecting homes and businesses with energy storage that can diversify the grid, and save you money, all while providing a reliable electricity source.

Because that's the other thing you need to know about your power company: they're less reliable than you think.

Swell Energy is in the business of helping Orange County residents protect their power. Reliable electricity exists, and it's easy to tap into. Join one of the world's largest fleets of home batteries, and help solve the problem of Southern California's unreliable grid.