Breaking: Boosted Battery Incentives In California

by Anna Gretz
September 18, 2019
Home Battery

Thanks to a $1-per-watt home battery incentive, SoCal homeowners can now get the cost of a Tesla Powerwall almost entirely covered.

In the wake of recent fires (and subsequent power outages), California is getting serious about battery incentives.

California has now passed the first subsidy ever to simply get batteries to homes affected by fire-related outages. Solar and energy storage can potentially prevent any power disruption caused by wildfire prevention by soaking up energy from the sun during the day, and storing it for use in the nights and evenings, after the sun goes down.

The California Public Utilities Commission announced that they have $100 million available specifically for vulnerable households in the "high fire threat districts." This comes as a change to the original Self-Generation Incentive Program that the CPUC has been running for a while.

These changes are great news for homeowners who have been eyeing home batteries to secure their power.

The incentive boost is especially important for residents especially vulnerable to the effects of a power outage. Some homeowners rely on electricity for medical equipment or life-saving air conditioning. Summers in California bring with them the threat of "safety-related" power shutoffs. These outages may keep some safe, but they put other residents at risk.

Not everyone will be eligible for the new incentives, however, so make sure you talk to a pro for more information about the program. The funding is focused on customers with critical needs. Basically, this means those who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford home energy security, or have a serious medical condition that could become life-threatening without access to electricity.

These new incentives are changing the game, making energy security more accessible than ever.