Solar Panels Increase Property Value in Orange County

by Anna Gretz
September 27, 2019

Heads up, Orange County: installing solar + storage can secure your energy AND higher home values.

Here in California, we have one of the most established and developed solar power market in the country. In well-established markets, home values can increase by up to 4% with the installation of solar panels.

In Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a lab affiliated with the Department of Energy, researchers set out to conclude, definitively, whether or not solar helped or hurt housing values. They analyzed the sales of solar-equipped homes across the country for over a decade. Their findings were definitive, indeed: Buyers are consistently, over and over, willing to pay more for a home with PV panels than one without. How much more? About $4 per watt. That means that a standard 6-kilowatt solar system would add a whopping $24K to the value of your home.

This is great news.

And not only for your your property value. Because in the mean time, you can use those solar panels to power your home.

Our sun is a powerhouse. Literally. In just 75 minutes, the sunlight that touches the Earth could power the world’s electricity for a year. Solar power is clean, free, and available every. Single. Day. A lot of households and businesses are waking up to the fact that solar energy is an amazing resource, and installing solar panels to capture the sun’s rays, and generate the electricity they need to power everything from lightbulbs to air conditioners. And everything is awesome. Until the hours pass, evening comes… and the sun goes down.

The major glitch in using solar power is that it’s not consistent. In fact, it’s reliably inconsistent. We know that at the end of each day, the sun is going to check out, taking our ability to generate electricity from solar panels along with it. But what if you could use solar power at night? What if it was possible to store energy from solar panels so that it could be used even when the sun wasn’t shining? We have great news for you: It is.

Can you solar power a house? YES.

The simplest and best way for homeowners to solve solar power’s energy glitch is to install a solar battery--a battery that stores energy from solar panels during the day, so you can still use solar generated electricity at night. It really is that simple. Solar batteries are charged each day with electricity generated by solar panels (or, alternately, they can be charged with electricity straight from the grid.) These daylight hours are usually times that households need electricity the least; households are lit with natural light (thanks to the sun… again) and many people are out of the house. During these hours, unstored electricity generated by solar panels either goes unused, or leaks back into the power grid. With a solar battery, this energy is waiting to welcome you home to a fully-charged house, ready for whatever you have planned for the evening.

In Orange County, you can have it all.

Higher home values, and secure, clean energy from the sun. And with the new incentives available for home battery installation, there's never been a better time to invest in energy storage.