Orange County's Route To Energy Reliability

by Anna Gretz
October 31, 2019
Home Battery

If there was ever a time for Orange County residents to protect their power, that time is NOW.

As fires rage across California, Orange County is on alert. Waking up and checking the power outage forecasts is the new normal. PG&E's aging electrical grid continues to pose a threat to the dry, windy California landscape, so hundreds of thousands of customers are experiencing periodic, sometimes prolonged outages.

This week, over 7 thousand Orange County customers are being considered for power outages, and most are not prepared to be left in the dark. Irvine, Lake Forest, Bee Canyon, Orange Park, Modjeska, Portola Hills, and Silverado are all on the list.

Are you prepared for a power outage?

If you're at risk of being left without electricity, here are a few things you can do to prepare:

  1. Learn how to manually open your automatic doors and gates to make sure you can get out of the house or off of the property in case of emergency.

  2. Familiarize yourself with your utility hook-ups--electricity, water, and gas.

  3. Have everything ready in case you need to evacuate at a moment's notice--including keeping your shoes near your sleeping space.

  4. Keep your gas tank half, if not entirely full.

  5. Make sure everyone in your household knows what to do in case of emergency. You may want to even rehearse your plan.

  6. Keep your cell phone charged.

  7. Have a supply of bottled water.

  8. Construct a power-outage kit, complete with flashlights, a First Aid Kit, and any prescription medications you take.

  9. Have a battery-powered radio on hand for alerts and updates.

Or, you can protect your power.

Home batteries can't save your home from a wildfire, but they can protect you from prolonged power outages. Homes equipped with solar + storage don't have to prepare for power outages. In fact, they often sit them out without even noticing.

Home batteries store energy from solar panels while the sun is shining so it's on hand when you need it. As long as there's a little sun, the battery can continue to recharge, keeping the lights on during the next PG&E outage in Orange County.

Swell Energy believes in Energy Security for all. That's why we created Energy Shield, a home energy plan that can protect your power, starting at only $1 a day.

Ready to protect your power?

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