Protect your power with EnergyShield.

Keep your home and family safe from grid failure and power outages for ever.

Swell EnergyShield

One easy add-on to your home energy system that provides total off-grid independence.

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Keep your home lighted and safe

In a blackout, EnergyShield runs your lights and basic appliances off a smart home battery, so you and your family can feel safe.


Save money on your electric bill

Your utility company will pay for the solar energy you don’t use. We’ll sign you up for the most profitable programs available.


Optimize your energy usage

EnergyShield lets you use your own solar energy when electric rates are high, then switch over to the grid when rates go down.


Keep your solar panels running

In a power outage, solar panels shut off automatically, leaving your home powerless. With EnergyShield, they can keep generating energy for you.


Get clean, quiet backup power

Gas-powered generators are dirty and noisy. EnergyShield runs as quietly as an electric car and takes up very little space in your home.


Be prepared for total grid failure

America’s electricity grid is old, overloaded, and vulnerable to attack. EnergyShield puts a barrier between your home and the grid.

Be your own grid with Swell EnergyShield.

Clean energy alone won’t solve America’s electric grid problem. With self-reliant power from solar panels and smart home batteries, we can all be part of the solution. Help reduce our use of fossil fuels and declare your independence from the grid with EnergyShield.