Make your home blackout proof today.

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Get the State of California to upgrade your home energy in a few easy steps...

Step 1: Check your home's eligibility.

The California grid is failing under increased stress, with power outages increasing 4x in the last few years.

Because of this, California is willing to help upgrade your home energy to help your home's burden on the grid and to give you more energy security.

Check Your Eligibility

Step 2: Apply online and wait for a check from the State.

Applying takes just a few minutes and requires some basic information about your home and utility company.

We help facilitate this process to make it as easy for your as possible.

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Step 3: We'll install a small add-on to your home system that will reduce strain on the grid and protect your home from power outages...

...a home battery.

A home battery acts like a barrier between your home and the grid, turning your house into an "energy island" that is immune to power outages.

If you have solar panels, you'll be able to store up your solar energy during the day to use it at night when the sun goes down...instead of going back onto grid power.

Installation is easy and quick. It plugs right into your existing electricity system.

Apply now before the funds are gone!

Applying is easy and just takes a few minutes and some information about your home and utility company. Swell will help facilitate the application to make it fast and hassle-free for you!

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