Federal & State incentives will now pay for you to SUPERCHARGE your Solarponics solar system.

Exclusively for customers of

Exclusively for customers of

Why? The California grid is in trouble. A home battery will secure your home energy, while reducing strain on the grid.

Power outage frequency has increased 4x in the last decade (ref) with the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) predicting further increases to come. That's because the grid is made of 80-year-old technology that can't be upgraded without severely disrupting the energy supply in the meantime.

Because of this, the State and Federal governments have created a number of rebates which give homeowners up to $4,030 for installing technologies like a home battery that reduce strain on the power grid...while securing your own home energy.

Swell will help you see which incentives are best for your home and apply for them quickly online and over the phone.

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