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Introducing EnergyShield, the world’s first off-grid energy plan, starting at just $1 a day.

Picture this: With the aging American electrical grid in a tailspin, and fossil fuel costs (both to your wallet and the environment) on the rise, energy independence has never been more important. An EnergyShield is a bundled package of premium solar panels and a compact lithium-ion home battery that provides total security for your home, no matter what happens.

Produce your own energy


Store excess energy


Being energy independent


Protect My Power Now


Protect Your Power is an innovative new program between homeowners, their utility, and Swell Energy.

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It pairs energy storage, solar panels and battery management software to benefit the electrical grid and back-up your power, even during power shutoffs.

By participating in this program, eligible homeowners will receive annual grid rewards payments and $1,000 off battery installation. Most participants are also eligible for the 26% federal tax credit, as well as other California cash incentives.

Act now — this is a limited time offer.

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Swell is Creating the World's Largest Fleet of Home Batteries for Southern California Edison

Southern California Edison is leading the way in finding innovative ways of picking up where the fossil fuel-powered grid leaves off. They commissioned Swell and our partners to bring the largest fleet of home batteries the world has ever seen, effectively creating a “smart” grid that will help solve major supply issues facing Southern California.

Tesla Powerwall

Meet a game changer for home energy storage

Swell Energy is a Tesla Certified Installer and one of the only places with a one-click application to the best State and Federal financial incentives.

See if you are eligible for up to 60% off through Swell’s Financial Incentive Portal.

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Swell Now Offers $0-Down Financing

Swell's zero-down financing options make it easy for you to avoid any upfront cost and lock in a low, fixed monthly payment. We install the system and keep your EnergyShield optimized over time, and pass the benefits on to you. Ask your Swell representative what financing options are right for you.


Reliable and Resilient Backup Power for your Home

Keep the lights on

A battery backs-up essential services during a power outage. When a battery is paired with solar, it is rechagred each day, providing truly renewable power.

Save money

Take control of high energy costs by using your battery when rates are high and the grid when rates are low.

Save the planet

In the coming years, renewable energy and energy storage systems will replace the central power plants powered by fossil fuels that have polluted our communities for over a century. Be part of the energy solution that cleans the air and cools the planet.

Rest easy

A home battery provides immeasurable assurance. Continue to run power for your essential services during a power outage or emergency.

Build a more resilient neighborhood

Installing a battery in your home provides balance and certainty to the bigger electric grid, resulting in fewer brownouts and blackouts in your community.

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