The Swell

We Are Prepared For Anything... Except This

Anna Gretz
Home Battery
July 12, 2018
Part of Swell Energy’s mission is to help build up a defense against one of the country’s most likely natural disasters: a widespread power grid outage.

New Tesla Powerwall Software Allows Battery Owners To Save Even More

Anna Gretz
Home Battery
July 5, 2018
Tesla’s latest software updates for Powerwall owners are giving homeowners the opportunity to take advantage of variable energy costs, and easily schedule time-based controls on their batteries.

What The Pawnee Fire Tells Us About California Grid Vulnerability

Anna Gretz
June 28, 2018
The Pawnee wildfire in California is still blazing as we head into a warm, windy weekend.

The New Way To Energize

Anna Gretz
June 21, 2018
There’s a new energy movement underway, and it’s long overdue.