The Swell

How Solar Energy Storage Works In A Power Outage

Anna Gretz
Home Battery
October 19, 2019
Can home batteries really keep the lights on? You bet they can.

California's 2020 Rooftop Solar Mandate On The Horizon

Anna Gretz
October 15, 2019
We're just months away from the moment when California makes good on the commitment to standard rooftop solar for all new housing construction.

Saddleridge Fire: "It's Time To Take Control Of Your Energy Needs"

Anna Gretz
Off The Grid
October 10, 2019
In the new era of wildfires, getting off the grid is sounding better than ever.

Widespread Power Outages Continue In California

Anna Gretz
October 9, 2019
Almost a million customers could be left without power. Energy storage has never been more important.