The World is Ready for The Electric Home

by Anna Gretz

A high demand for power, and electric home energy storage, is on the horizon.

This is the decade of the electric home.

Although millions of Americans are still tapping into natural gas and oil for home and water heating, studies show that this decade, homes are going to start turning away from fossil fuels in favor of electricity. Electric air-source heat pumps, as well as heat pump water heaters and induction cooking equipment, are ready to meet fossil fuels head-on in the competition for home heating technology.

Daniel Talero and Neil Strother of Navigant Research recently released a new report on the rise of the "fully electrified home."

**"Electrification technologies are rapidly becoming more cost-effective and more reliable than fossil fuel systems in a variety of planning scenarios and climatic conditions," **Talero and Strother said in their report.

In an interview with Greentech Media, the researchers also said that they are **"seeing a high demand for cost-effective fuel-switching technology, especially insulation, as well as air-source heat pumps, which have shown several cost and performance improvements over the last few years." ** electric-home

The transition to electric is good news for energy storage.

You know what's great about electricity? You can store it in a home battery. Ditching the hazards of gas appliances is awesome. But being able to power all of your appliances with stored energy in a home battery is even better.

We like to say that it's never a bad time to invest in energy storage, but right now is an *especially good one.*In the past few years, the demand for electric vehicles and battery storage, in general, has gone up exponentially. Lithium-ion battery manufacturers worldwide ramped up production. Demand rose. Supply rose. And the price of battery storage dropped to under $230 per kilowatt-hour. (Hint: that's amazing news. A few years ago, that same level of storage would have cost around $1,000.)

Not only have batteries risen in popularity and dropped in price, but many states are offering incentives to homeowners looking to upgrade their home energy system with a home battery. (We like to make it our business to know about allthe rebates out there, so don't hesitate to hit us up to see if there are any available in your area. If you live in California, there probably are.) electric-kitchen

The world is primed and ready for the fully-electrified home... and a huge energy storage boom.

The question is, are you ready to join in? Swell Energy offers off-grid energy plans that start at as little as $1 a day. Energy independence has never been more important. Talk to us about how you can provide total energy security for your home, and electrify your life like never before.