Head of Project Finance

Finance - Full-Time

Job Description

The Head of Project Finance is responsible for ensuring the cohesive financing functions and activities for the company that include the administrative, financial, and risk management operations of the company. Responsibilities include the development of a financial and operational strategy, metrics tied to that strategy, and the ongoing development and monitoring of control systems designed to report accurate financial results.


Principal responsibilities are:

Project Finance

• Develop a financing strategy for monetizing assets / projects in line with the overall financing strategy of the company ensuring that there is sufficient capital available

• Raise project debt, tax equity and cash equity

• Maintain financial relationships with lenders, tax equity investors and cash equity investors

• Negotiate and close financing transactions / funds and lead the due diligence

• Continue to source new sources of capital for the company’s business plan

Lease Finance Operations

• Manage the deployment of financing transactions / funds on a monthly basis ensuring that all conditions precedent are met for capital calls or loan draws

• Reporting to financial partners pursuant to the financing transactions including preparation of lease accounting financials

• Establish customer credit requirements and monitor and process credit review approval process

• Maintain third party relationship with billing and collections service provider and establish a customer billing and collections process and policy

• Establish appropriate record keeping process for major contracts including customer agreements

• Manage software implementation for leasing activities

• Pricing review of customer products and terms

Risk Management (in conjunction with General Counsel)

• Construct and monitor reliable control systems for Project Finance and Lease Finance Operations

• Maintain appropriate insurance coverage for the programs you manage

• Monitor all open legal issues involving the programs you manage

• Ensure that the company complies with all legal and regulatory requirements for the programs you manage

• Ensure that record keeping for the programs you manage meets the requirements of auditors and government agencies

• Ensure that, for the programs you manage, consumer compliance requirements are met at state and federal levels.


• Ideal candidate must be enthusiastic, self-motivated, results-oriented, and operate well in a collaborative, team-oriented environment.

• Proven experience as Head of Finance or similar role (5+ years of experience)

• In-depth knowledge of corporate finance and accounting principles, laws and best practices

• Solid knowledge of financial analysis and forecasting

• Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Excel / Google Sheets and financial management software (NetSuite)

• Proven experience running complex financial models

• An analytical mind with a strategic ability

• The ability to work independently and multi-task

• Excellent organizational and leadership skills

• Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities

• Bachelors in accounting, finance or relevant field

• CPA / CFA or other relevant qualification is a plus

• Experience in the renewable energy space, investment banking, infrastructure, or power and utilities is a plus

• Ability to abide by and positively influence the information secure culture at Swell Energy.

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