Get a Tesla Powerwall with up to $6,774* in State and Federal Incentives through Swell Energy.

A home battery is the key to clean energy independence. See if you are eligible for the California home battery program. Program funding is limited.

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A game changer for home energy storage.

Powerwall plugs seamlessly into your existing system or new solar panels to give you total control over your energy use. Get backup power and maximum savings. And if you have or add solar, you can power your home with the sun, day and night.

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Light bulb


Keep your home lighted and safe

In a blackout, a home battery runs your lights and basic appliances off a smart home battery, so you and your family can feel safe.


Money bag


Save money on your electric bill

Your utility company will pay for the solar energy you don’t use. We’ll sign you up for the most profitable programs available.




Optimize your energy usage

A home battery lets you use your own solar energy when electric rates are high, then switch over to the grid when rates go down.




Keep your solar panels running

In a power outage, solar panels shut off automatically, leaving your home powerless. With a home battery, they can keep generating energy for you.




Get clean, quiet backup power

Gas-powered generators are dirty and noisy. A home battery runs as quietly as an electric car and takes up very little space in your home.




Be prepared for total grid failure

America’s electricity grid is old, overloaded, and vulnerable to attack. A home battery puts a barrier between your home and the grid.


Get the lowest price and most control with Swell.


Swell is the easiest way to enroll in the California home battery program (aka Self-Generation Incentive Program), with no hassle or risk. Submitting your deposit today will reserve your place in line. We’ll get your incentive application prepared and submitted before the funds are gone. Hundreds of California homeowners have already signed up through Swell. Join us today.



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The California grid is strained. The Aliso Canyon gas leak and the shutdown of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station have caused an energy shortage, and the California Public Utilities Commission is paying homeowners to install home batteries. Why? A home battery can help reduce peak demand on the grid, alleviating supply constraints and preventing black outs.

Make your deposit today to reserve your rebate, then we'll give you a call to configure the right system for you and give you a final price. We'll also give you $0-down financing options. If you're not happy with any of your choices, we'll give your deposit back, no questions asked.

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see if you qualify for up to $6,774*
*for a Powerwall with State and Federal Incentives through Swell Energy.