California now will pay you to supercharge your solar.

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The Background: The California grid is in trouble. A little add-on to your solar system will secure your home and help the grid.

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is estimating 14 days of power outages this summer due to the Aliso Canyon gas leak. This energy shortage will affect homeowners all over California.

Because of this, the State of California has created a $40 million fund that will retrofit solar homeowners with a home battery. A home battery allows you to store your own solar energy to use it on your home at night.

Because it makes your home less dependent on the grid, the state is willing to pay for it.

How it works: Just apply online, and wait for your home to be approved.

Applying takes just a few minutes and requires just some basic information about your home and utility company.

Swell Energy is a leading California provider of home blackout protection and energy storage services. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for homeowners to take advantage of this incentive.

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Once you’re approved, you’ll get a small, beautiful add-on to your solar system:

A home battery.

A home energy cell supercharge your solar panels, allowing you to use your solar at night, making you totally independent from the grid.

If you have solar panels it will allow you to power your home with sun power day and night.

It will also kick on when the grid is under intense demands, helping to relieve strain on the State's resources. This is why the State of California will reimburse you for installing it on your home. For more information on this incentive, go to the California Utility Commission's Website.

But hurry! Upgrades are limited!

Apply today and decide later. You'll have no obligation to move forward and be able to back out at any time if you decide not to make your home blackout-proof for some reawson. So reserve your incentive today!

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Did you know? Your solar panels will NOT work in an outage...

By State Law, solar panels are required to shut off during outages in order prevent electrical "back-feeding," which could endanger utility workers who are repairing the grid.